5 Popular Online Poker Game Myths Busted

Wed / August / 2018


As Doyle Brunson is quoted saying “Poker is a war. People pretend it is a game” and if you are a poker player you know it well! The game of poker is all about how you play the bad hands, bluff, win the stack and shove it like a fish! This is a game of chance rather than being the game of luck and the uncertainty associated with it results in creation of different myths that needs to be busted at this very moment! Online Poker Games are definitely fun and a more profitable way to enjoy the game.

If you are accustomed to playing live games and new in the online card room, you will get to hear various wrong “facts” or myths”; don’t get deceived by the same! Here are a few myths that we dispel about playing poker on the internet:

Myth 1# — Too Much of Bad-beats are Obvious in online games:


The myth developed from the fact that players have increased number of bad beats online. Main reason behind this concept are some sinister java script code. Just take a few moments to think over the fact – the players playing at live tables get to witness 30 hands each hour whereas while playing online tends to witness four- three times this number at the same time. Wondering how is that possible? Online players often play more than one table at a time. Therefore, the more hands one play the easier it is to see “bad beats”. Also remember that “bad beats” stand out from the other hands thus being prominent compared to wins and folds.

Bottom line of the myth is that the players are exposed to more bad beats since they play more hands online.

Myth 2# — Having Prior Math Knowledge is Important


We should thank (read blame) movies like that of Aces, The Grand, All In and Limitless for this popular misconception about the game. all these movies showcases that the savants play poker with amazing algorithms to outcast the opponents and fleece fortunes from them. You need not be fooled by the concept; though the game dwells a bit in basic probability and algebra it is no rocket science. Those having a nightmare with the mere mention of “Math” need not worry at all. There is hand review software that assist an individual to calculations and understanding the same.

Myth 3# — The “Cash Out Curse”


Think a little – why would an online poker room “curse” the players for withdrawing the money they won. This is absolutely absurd and no online poker platforms want to indulge in an unethical and illegal activity like cheating on the players. All online poker rooms are aware of the fact that if the playing sessions are interactive the players will come back time and again to indulge in their tourneys. Why would an online poker site want their players to lose money? So no poker rooms hosting online games “punishes” or “curses” the players who cash-out their winnings. That’s a crazy reasoning by all means!

Myth 4# — Manipulation of the game – winners and losers are determined thereby


Only a consistent player who loses the game can make such statement. These players have a wrong conception developed from the fact that they rule their home game or play well against a fish on a live poker room; therefore, rigging of the online games are responsible for their consistent losing of games in online card room. Most or rather 100 percent of all the online poker games are totally random compared to live actions. If you still have a query lurking at the back of your mind as the experienced players who played both live and online games. They will give you a brief idea of what the differences of game be like in an online card room and a brick-mortar poker room.

Apart from the myths stated above another popular myth prevalent in the online Poker room is that you need to be supremely talented poker player to win consistent whereas the fact is totally different. If you take a look at the present online poker scenario you are sure to find the top poker pro’s appearing from absolute nowhere and there are no good poker genes working behind their success. Take the words of Doyle Brunson – “What took me decades to learn, these kids can get on the Internet…. What I learned by brute force, dealing out hands, they learn on computers. It tends to make for fairly technical players, but they make up for it with aggression, the kind that comes when you learn things fast.”