Global Expansion of Poker with Online Poker League

Wed / April / 2018


Indian poker entrepreneur announces the New league as a step towards global expansion of the Poker games online. Follow the Pokernews daily to get the details of all the games and leagues that happen in India.

The new team for poker league will commence in July, India thus making an attempt to enhance the growth of Poker gaming as a game of skill.  The creation of Online Team Poker League was announced by the founder of Viaan Industries Ltd. – Raj Kundra. He looks forward towards the eventual growth of this team as World Online Team Poker League with each championship held every year. The season 1 will begin in July and the Season 2 is to be held on January 2019.

Other contributions of Raj Kundra:

The founder also contributed towards the Poker games world with that of Match Indian Poker League that is like eSports variation – Texas Hold’em and just completed the first season.  The success helped him in thinking bigger.

Kundra says,



Details of the Game:

The OTPL will be played via an app and 30 teams from across India in the hunt for $ 1 million prize money that will be paid out to top eight teams. the monthly rankings and prizes are available for the poker players. the top team will win a championship and get the chance to represent country against other world poker teams.

Along with this, there are various other attempts that are made towards the popularity of poker games. PokerStars is planning to launch a proper player pool with some new regional partner. Keep a close eye on the Pokernews online to derive more information and new gaming experience in the field of poker gaming.

With various revenue aspects and development of poker as a game of skills – poker online games have a brighter future than expected. The games are regarded as elements of potential profit earner. Keep poker gaming for the perfect frontier of the games to be well explored.