Poker Craze Continues with PokerMet and Mad over Poker

Wed / March / 2018

With the announcement of Poker Night that offers INR 50,000 in terms of hampers and vouchers, at Advitiya the technical fest of IIT Ropar with temperature is soaring high. Apart from this Adda52 also announced Crazy Leaderboard III with a giveaway of 15 Lakhs. These remain the headlines for Latest Poker News India.


Being an online site located in Salt Lake, Kolkata, this site shines brighter than others in the trade. With various ongoing and upcoming online tournaments, this site is gradually growing and at the same time contributes to the popularity of Poker Gaming in Kolkata, India. #WhereTheKingsPlay as the tagline of the company runs, have arranged for a Winter King’s League which has its last tourney on 25th March and offers a GTD of 50 lakhs. The Final Table for this will be at Sri Lanka.

The most exciting news about PokerMet is that the company in association with IIT Ropar, Punjab, arranged for a Poker Night at their technical fest Advitiya’18.

Mad over Poker:

Another online site, mad over poker arranged for various tourneys that you can be a part of. Cash run is the ongoing poker tourney that the players can participate in with the code RUN. The games will run from 1st March to 31st March at 00:00 AM and 23:59 PM respectively. Anyone interested in the game can play the 25/50 stakes and automatically be a part of this program. There are a few games that you can choose to play every Sunday on this site with different slot timing. The games could be named as Hysteria, Sunday Blast Series, Madhouse. Choose one and start Poker gaming.

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