PokerMet announces Direct Ticket to Sri Lanka

Wed / February / 2018

With PokerMet’s on-going winter king league tournament, the online poker gaming portal has now offered another lucrative deal to its players. For all the players, who eat and sleep poker, this announcement is surely going to get them excited. Read below to find out what’s in store at Indian poker championship news forum.

PokerMet’s New Announcement

The newest addition to the series is that if a player wishes to invest a minimal amount irrespective of how their game was during the tournament, can now be a part of the their Sri Lanka trip. The Winter Kings’ League tournament that started on 7th January 2018 comprises of 12 independent tourneys. A player can join any tournament they wish to that starts @10Pm every Sunday. As far as being part of  this Colombo trip directly, they will have to play cash games there.

Tournament Details

Final table of the last tourney “Enthrone” with GTD 50 Lakh will be hosted by the company at the Luxury resort of Sri Lanka. Online tournament of the same will happen on 25th March 2018. The buy-in amount of the online series is INR 11150 (RE). If a player is reaches the final round, they therefore will not need to make any further deposits for their final game at Sri Lanka. In case, an outside player is willing to invest INR 30000, they can be part of the PokerMet’s Cash game organised at Colombo. For details on the Terms and Conditions on how a player can join those at Sri Lanka can be seen on their PokerMet website. You can even call them at their customer support for further assistance.

Such tournaments and games played outside the comfort zone of the players helps them in their personal growth as they get to face their competitors in a real environment.

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