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New Player? Read what you need to know

“All experts were once a beginner”, a saying that holds true and assures that being new to any game is not something the amateur players should be ashamed of. It is also true that only the interest towards learning something new motivates one to excel in that particular arena. Poker is one such game that needs proper understanding, patience, concentration and of course skill. While you are interested in playing poker league in India, make sure you know all the following points and know them well. Sometimes players get confused and don’t know where to start from. Here are a...

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Tips to Look Comfortable and Win Poker Games with Style

Worried about the poker gaming night and the dress code that matches your personality? You landed on the perfect page. Take an insight into the details of the dress code that might serve your purpose well. The question that might lurk at the back of your mind regarding the poker tournament is – is there any particular dress code for the table game apart from the perfect poker tournament strategy? The fact is one needs to look presentable at least and at the same time must not give out a negative vibe to anyone present at the games. Let’s take...

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Top 5 Poker History Books that Every Poker Players Need to read

  Have you ever read about the history of poker gaming? The history of the game is quite difficult to excavate. Before the internet came into existence, the stories of poker revolved around the tables. The stories that were narrated at the tables gradually turned out to be fascinating tales and poker books that described the history of the game. Here are a few books that are widely loved and read poker history books. Shuffle through the list provided below. Gardena Poker Clubs: A High Stakes History Written by Max Votolato illuminates the poker scenes in California. The story is...

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Sleep – The Secret To Playing Better Poker Online

  So you have invested innumerable hours online playing poker, read all the best poker books, finished all the data on your phone watching video tutorials and poker pros play on YouTube, but still, you feel like there’s more to do to hone your poker skills. Actually, there is one thing that you can do right now that will greatly boost your poker game: SLEEP! Believe it or not, getting more sleep can actually help you to become a better player and win big at poker tournaments in India. Sleep to Succeed The Dalai Lama believes that sleeping is the...

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The Anatomy of A Good Bluff – A Poker Indian Group Notion

  Believe it or not, making good bluffs in poker is all about the maths! The expected value of your play i.e. EV should determine your bluffing decisions. if you are interested in knowing the matter in details keep an eye on the poker news in India. To know whether a bluff is a good one, if it is going to be profitable or not you must attempt at accurately estimating how often your opponent player will fold on your bluff. So, evidently, the more knowledge and experience you have the more accurate your guesses are going to be and...

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